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We are 'rapid and result oriented'
business driven solution provider.
We follow 'agile and rolling wave planning'
for our business driven solution.
We are 'unique' and always do brainchild.
We explore a lot and that's how we 'roll'.
We do have 'faith and hope' no matter
how 'complicate' situation turn out to be.
We believe, the day we stop taking 'risk'.
the day we stop 'shining'. Agree?
We understand your 'pain points',
on that basis we cater 'business solution'.
We do 'impossible' and love 'challenges',
regardless how difficult it sound.
We 'compete' with our past outcome and
that's how we learn and ameliorate.
We are 'focused' and have 'direction',
we know exactly, where we are 'heading'.
We prefer to offer 'cream of the cream'
to our client and end user.
We ain't just 'workaholic geek' like others
but we are 'party animal' as well.
We are 'sharp and punctual' as far as
'project delivery and deadline is concern'.
We exist because of our 'precise and clean'
business driven solution. Nothing Else.
We never 'bully' to try out something 'new'.
We 'know', we may 'fail', still we 'do'.
In order to chase tight project deadline
often we 'burn the midnight oil' .
We 'love' what we do hence
we avoid leisure until we ain't 100% 'done'.
We have a 'rock solid' 4P's viz. 'proactive,
professional, punctual and precise'.


At Prefortune Softweb Solution, we are building a spot where everything from the fastest unobtrusive components to the extensive perspective is sorted out. With Prefortune, each individual grasps what they should do and why. This clarity, straight forwardness, and focus grants gatherings to cooperate with less disintegration and produce mind boggling results. We are here to, comprehend, examine, confer botch, gain from it, rise, fall, again rise and with continue moving demeanor. We don't have confidence in demonstrating the world, we have faith in getting together and making things right.


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It's an initial move towards any task that we kick begin. We never discuss spending plan or course of events or extension or deliverable as like others as it's difficult to say anything at this stage. To start with we comprehend your business bottlenecks and after that we remark on undertaking extension, point of reference, deliverable and spending plan.


On culmination of recognize bottlenecks, we comprehend what are all ``work of art`` issues that is averting you to take off your business from you. Until and unless we are not 100% fulfilled we dissect, break down and examine. As investigate is similarly critical as like different procedure.


Presently we precisely recognize what all are your business ``bottlenecks`` and ``centerpiece`` issues. In accordance with this, we prompt our customer on how they can enhance their business procedure which they have been doing since years. It's a USP of ``Prefortune`` and we hold 'dark belt' in business process re-designing.


In the wake of comprehension, examining and proposing business driven arrangement. It's the ideal opportunity for specialty Technical Planning and it's likewise noteworthy as like others. Specialized Planning helps our customer to skim their business easily. In this procedure, Techno - Functional cooperation commonly and make how framework ought to in fact outline and created.


The most urgent part of any arrangement from the end client perspective 'it's answer UIUX'. We don't simply manufacture answer for our customer however we do construct arrangement that is anything but difficult to utilize and get it. Thus, we never draft any kind of client manual as our every arrangement seems to be 'plain as day'


Presently it's an ideal opportunity to manufacture your answer according to your business need and our comprehension. In this progression, we send group of nimble specialists who will fill in according to predefined specialized rules that guarantees when the arrangement is good to go for organization it capacity with no specialized obstacles. Obviously, with part level of testing.


We do versatile application advancement also. We ensure the portable application we construct it's anything but difficult to client for end client and regardless of what happen it never get ``crash`` in any case what number of clients use it. Before submitting application our designers ensure we follow iOS and Android improvement rules.


Quality is our mark. Once the arrangement is prepared for testing we do relapsing and execution testing. We do monkey testing also. We confirm arrangement with business archive and best industry hones. We generally attempt our best to ensure the arrangement we create it's a blunder less.


Presently we are on last stride of SDLC, it's an ideal opportunity to 'dispatch'. As like our customers we excessively energized for 'dispatch'. We ensure ``dispatch`` will happen easily without ceasing or delaying customer business henceforth we lean toward ``dispatch`` on weekend or in off hours. Our the majority of the customer inclines toward 'cloud facilitating' as it's adaptable and secure.

We are time traveler, we roam here and there. We learn from what we observe not what other says.


Our Products


Hei we wanna make an exceptionally straight forward inquiry? Are you running a school and confronting ton of issues so as to dealing with the same if the answer is ``YES`` then 'your inquiry closes here'

PSMS = Prefortune School Management System

Just to tell you, it's a 'School Management System' not 'Short Message Service'. Uh oh, Pranks separated. PSMS interfaces understudies, guardians and school under single umbrella. It’s officially working and cooking huge amounts of advantages to instruction industry. Additionally, it has numerous slanting inbuilt arrangements viz. online payment gateway, GPS tracking and so on.


Hi don't have an answer for your patient and specialists doctors. Everything is by all accounts in chaos and have no hunch why is it so then don't google, better dial us we can absolutely offer assistance.

PHMS -Prefortune Hospital Management System

PHMS has all the key components that are evident to run a hospital in a compelling and in effective way. It has online appointment, payment, billing and so forth. Try not to think excessively, you are driving towards best healing center administration framework. Trust us, we are client driven not benefit driven.

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Our clients are foundation of our company. We offer all available alternatives and recommend an expert advice to clients to clued-up business assessments. When their business prospers, we are pleasing.


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